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Division of Patient Safety

  • Division of Patient Safety
    • Director…physician / Yumi Matsumura
    • Assistant Director&GRM…pharmacist / Takashi Yamamoto
    • GRM…nurse / Naomi Araki
    • Staff…physician / Masayuki Yokode
         physician / Katsuhiko Itou
         physician / Tatsuto Nishigori
         pharmacist / Keiko Satou
         nurse / Megumi Iida
         nurse / Hiromi Fukumura
  • Patient Safety Administrator
    • Administration Chief…Masataka Ohashi
    • Administration Staff…Ryo Asaki
    • Staff…Hidemi Norimoto
         Yuya Yamada
         Nobuaki Furusawa
         Tetsushi Suetsugu
         Hiromi Fujita
         Namiko Habu
         nurse / Masayo Kawada

About the Safety Management Room
We have been engaging in the following activities since the division was established in April 2001

  1. ・ Initial response and investigation to medical errors
  2. ・ creating and inplementation of new standard operating procedures(SOPs) and reviewing of existing SOPs
  3. ・ Analysis of incident reports
  4. ・ Attending meetings or conferences on patient safety
  5. ・ Patient safety education for undergraduate medical students
  6. ・ Collaborating with other universities, hospitals and community for patientl safety
Kyoto University Hospital 54 Kawaharacho, Shogoin, Sakyo-ku Kyoto,606-8507, JAPAN
Please note that we cannot answer questions regarding health issues over the phone.