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Privacy Policy

Regarding Personal Information

We will use your important personal information for the appropriate purpose as a not only medical institution but also educational and research institution. We would like ask you to understand and cooperate.

  1. @ Personal information we collect may be used for the following purposes according to the hospital orders based on the laws.
    1. @ Purpose of use at Kyoto University Hospital
      • ・Medical services which patients use
      • ・Office work of Medical Insurance
      • ・Administrative operation concerned with patients (the hospital ward administration of hospital admission and discharge, the accounting, the report of medical accident, the service development)
      • ・The basic data for improving and keeping medical service
    2. A Purpose of use at Kyoto University Hospital and Kyoto University
      • ・Medical Education
      • ・Research based on cases
      • ・Providing information to auditing organization outside
      We will keep information as anonymous as possible.
    3. B Providing Information to third parties
      • ・Cooperation as for medical services with other hospitals, clinics, birth centers, pharmacies, home-visit nursing station and nursing service companies
      • ・Reply to referrals of other medical institutions as for medical services
      • ・In case we ask for opinion and advice from other doctors outside about medical care
      • ・Commission inspecting samples and other commission works
      • ・Giving an explanation about the disease condition to patient's family
      • ・Office work of Medical Insurance (commission of insurance work, statement of medical expenses to payment facilities)
      • ・Answer to the reference from payment facilities and insurers
      • ・Submission acts to executive and judicial branches according to the related laws
      • ・Notification and counseling to special medical institutions and insurance companies regarding doctor liability insurance money

    If you have any questions above, feel free to contact us.

  2. A We will obtain patient's consent if we use personal information for other purpose above.
  3. B Regarding personal information you have the following rights.
    1. @ You can demand the personal information disclosure after the right procedure.
    2. A You can demand correcting your personal information after the right procedure.
    3. B You can demand the prohibition of use and provision of your personal information and erasing your data after the right procedure if you think your information is abused.
    4. C You can bring a challenge to Kyoto University Hospital if you have any complain about the rights above we determined.
  4. C We would like ask you to show your name at your room to protect medical care safety of the patients. Please contact to the medical affairs hospitalization department (Outpatient Ward 1F/ TEL 075-751-3038) and offer not to give information to visitors if it's needed.
  5. D Regarding handling your personal information, please refer to the link, "HERE" or contact to the following phone number.
    Medical Service Department(075-751-3661)
Kyoto University Hospital 54 Kawaharacho, Shogoin, Sakyo-ku Kyoto,606-8507, JAPAN
Please note that we cannot answer questions regarding health issues over the phone.